In the clip, the brothers were sitting and watching the end of the football match, walking down the busy street after the football match. Some people blew trumpets, others blew their whistles with lots of laughter, funny screams, but behind them there were more dangerous firecrackers. Going into a storm is a form of crowding, driving, or walking to celebrate an event. Going to a football storm is the most common, every time the country wins an important football match, it is certain that there will be a “storm tonight”. People went out to celebrate the storm. When all the compatriots celebrate an event, going out to the streets and cheering together, singing national songs, colors of flags and shirts flying everywhere, banners throbbing.

Those things make the atmosphere. like a party. This will be an experience that those who have ever gone to a football storm will never forget. Unique way to celebrate victory. Everyone from young to old, young men and women, children and adults were extremely excited. Even the best festival or Tet cannot bring such a joyful atmosphere. Everywhere you can see, the cheers, the heroic singing of the crowd is always one of the best feelings. Those who are healthy and have a car follow the flow of drivers going around the streets as if they want to bring victory news to every corner of life. Everyone at home also carries pots, pans, and bowls to the front and knocks loudly, the sound of trumpets and drums resounds everywhere. At this time, traffic jams, traffic jams or collisions are no longer a problem, just chanting champion will become familiar again. True national pride is everywhere.

I myself many times went to the storm to celebrate the achievements of the home team, every time it was 2-3 am to come home. But indeed, the experience of immersing in the home team’s achievements is one of the best emotions. Going to the storm to celebrate a football victory is fun, but to experience all the joy and ensure safety, I would like to share a few tips below:
Drive slowly, follow organized lines, control your speed, and don’t violate traffic laws.
Do not squeeze into the central roads because you will probably be stuck for hours there.
Bring water and a cold towel as the constant cheering will quickly make you thirsty and sweaty.
Prioritize going to storms in areas where people gather, remember to catch Grab, stand “swirling” with everyone, it’s also great. When you come back, it’s very convenient to just dodge the flow of people and catch Grab.
Buy flags, banners, red shirts, etc. in advance because if you buy them right on the occasion of the storm, the price will skyrocket.
Bring trumpets, drums, anything that makes sounds instead of screaming, that helps you to be more resilient.
Go back as soon as you feel tired, because if you try, when you are exhausted, it will be difficult to dodge the crowd to return because of the traffic jam.
Do not bring valuable items, much money for safety.
Clean up your trash, nylon, plastic bottles.

But in the clip above, the behavior of the fireworks people injured many people, so the police intervened. During times of crowds or small numbers of people, we are not allowed to set off fireworks because it is forbidden in the regulations of the state.