Unbelievable! Just recently, a woman in Bisbee, Arizona called Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing dogs from death, and left a message saying she’d spotted it. discovered a dog that was abandoned on his property and “didn’t look right”. The woman went on to say that the dog was unable to walk and was lying in a ditch.

When rescuers arrived at the house, the temperature was over 94 degrees. The dog had been lying in a creek full of water all day in the scorching heat. The dog was found no more than 10 feet from the woman’s front door and just a few feet from a shed that could provide relief, but the woman had no explanation.
Since the rescue, Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary has provided regular updates. “Her fingernails are very long and not worn, indicating that she has been motionless for a while. She is clearly very emaciated and dehydrated,” the rescue team wrote on their Facebook page.

Sadly, the dog struggled to survive, with its condition considered critical.
Her blood tests showed kidney and liver failure along with a low red blood cell count.
There was a bit of good news, however, that the sweet dog had a seizure-free night on Friday. The rescue is still hesitant but hopeful, “It doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods, but hopefully, we can now learn more about her true state of health before the disaster begins.” lead her down the ditch.” The woman who initially found the dog won’t be charged by authorities with mistreatment or neglect of the animal because she said she found the stray dog.

If you’d like to donate to Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary as they do everything they can to save this dog’s life, you can through their website. If you happen to come across a dog or cat or any other animal in need, check out these Animal Rescue Hotlines. It’s important that we speak up for those who can’t!