The video captures the image of a motorcycle traveling on the road and being given way by a car.
The thrill and drama of conquering each wavy road when riding in large blocks is something that cannot be denied by the powerful faction.
You want to practice high-volume riding, you need to learn the driving instructions and the dashboard before you enter the practice. Use two or all four fingers to squeeze the taper and brake to adjust the taper and brake force when there is an emergency.

The safe way to ride a PKL is to follow your traffic laws and follow your driving directions. Driving should always be as comfortable as possible to make it easier to handle unexpected situations.
Before you get in the car, you should break all the notes on the right hand side to make it easier to get on and off without getting entangled in the hips or thighs at the handlebar. The two ready-mounted toe tips on the footrest minimise fatigue over long distances and give the driver more flexibility in reflexes. Before departure, drivers should stand near the side of the gas tank and slowly lift their legs carefully over the saddle.

In addition, avoid stretching your arms when riding a motorcycle in large blocks, as this will make it difficult for the arm and shoulder blade to move rhythmically when hugging or handling dangerous situations in time. Use additional types of motorcycle gloves to avoid pain and heavy hand bottles when on the road.
Join the safe traffic when you own a pit-designed moto car, and a powerful engine is important to keep a safe distance from vehicles on the road.

In addition, it is recommended that you purchase your own dedicated helmet for the shooters to ensure safety. You need to strictly follow traffic rules to keep yourself safe. Avoid crossing red lights, wandering around the city, affecting others.