On social networks has just widely shared a video clip related to a motorcycle accident that crashed into a barrier at the crossroads on the national highway. According to the recorded image, the accident occurred leaving the scene very serious. The person who shared the clip said that at this crossroads, there were many accidents caused by road vehicles speeding past and crashing into the barrier, but the participants.

Traffic users do not learn from experience when passing here. In the comments section, instead of congratulating the motorbike driver for being unharmed despite almost being hit by a train, hundreds of netizens were extremely upset. angry at this violation of “traffic law”. Someone wrote: “Go find the King of Hell quickly”, “In order to reincarnate quickly”… Others think that the punishment must be severe; more opinions agreed: “You have to pay a fine, but it’s not enough, you have to pay compensation to damage the barrier to be afraid, next time you won’t dare.” Someone put the situation: “Fortunately, people are okay, but if anything, it’s only you.
we stopped.

Assuming that with such an “altar” speed car, it crashes into other road users, what will be the consequences?” Decree No. 46/2016 clearly stipulates: Sanctions for driver acts Bicyclists, motorcyclists, rudimentary vehicle operators crossing barriers on crossroads or public bridges while the barriers are moving. However, the fine level is only from 80,000 to 100,000 VND. Furthermore, in fact, As long as there are no accidents of trains and people, it is considered “cleaning up”, very few cases are sanctioned. It is time to put into law provisions to increase the level of penalties and increase compensation, that’s it. enough
deterrence with the violations mentioned above. Through the clip above, it is recommended that all types of vehicles pay attention, reduce speed to avoid the above case.