In the clip above, the clip shows a room in an apartment complex. The owner of the clip recorded this video to get everyone’s opinion on what to add in this room. The room has a bed, a bathroom-toilet, a wardrobe.

Because it is on the top, the view outside is very beautiful. If you want this room to be neat, clean, and luxurious, you need to first arrange the closet and tidy it up, and if you want to be more tidy, you need to buy a storage box to classify each type of clothes. Second, you need to install curtains in front of the door to help drown out the noise and give us privacy.

Thirdly, for books to be left in the window, you should buy a shelf so as not to create a sense of mystery and stuffiness, so choosing a metal shelf will bring your room back to life like never before. And note that you should pay attention to the month of paying the room and water in accordance with regulations to avoid fines.