In the clip above, the girl with the first name sitting in a black chair wearing a white tank top sneezes in a normal way, her face is tilted to the left, her hands are crossed in front of her. The second girl sneezed in a cute way, covering his face with his hands in front of him, sneezing into his hands. The third girl completely sneezed with her hands out in front of her.

And especially, he sneezed last. It’s very strange that normal people sneeze fire I think he does magic. To put it simply, sneezing is the body’s reflex when it wants to eliminate irritants from the nose and mouth out. Usually, a person with symptoms of constant sneezing will experience discomfort, affecting some aspect of life, However, this is not a health problem.

seriously healthy. The reason is due to some allergens around us that attack the body through the nose. Our body has a close connection between organs, so as soon as. When a foreign object is detected, the mucous membrane of the nose emits a signal and you will sneeze to bring the object out. But suggest that we don’t sneeze on fire, people who do be like that maybe they are a professional magician. We are not professional, according to him, it will cause a very dangerous burn accident for ourselves.