The woman holding the glass of water threw it straight at the man who followed and shouted loudly, The man who could only sit quietly took the fight, while the girl left.

Recently, social media rattled to spread a clip of a woman holding a glass of water directly in his face while shouting loudly in the middle of the cafe.
The cause of the incident was thought to have been ended by both of you because of the boy’s adultery, but after the breakup, the boy followed the girl,
not only that, but the appointment to talk too many times, too uncomfortable, so the girl who had the appointment to meet the boy came out to talk once and then ended it completely. But while we were talking, we didn’t solve the problem.

Leading to the growing controversy, in the meantime, the girl had not kept her cool so she stood up holding a glass of water straight in his face.
Then he said, “We’re done. ” Then he left, leaving the wet guy sitting in the middle of the bar, under the curious gaze of many people, he just bowed his face and watched the girl leave.

The noise in the café took many people by surprise, getting up to watch. The woman was then forced to leave the bar so as not to influence others. It is not clear the outcome of the people involved in the incident.

As soon as it was published, the clip received great attention from the online community. Although it is unclear, many people think that the woman’s actions are too angry to reveal, and if she is an adulterous husband, it is really worth condemning.

However, in addition, the majority said that the woman should act more restrainedly, should not cause public order to affect others.

Some comments from the online community:
“She’s a good girl, there must be a lot of other people who beat her up. Put yourself in this situation to understand how much she suffered. “

“Or what kind of a couple you are, losing faith in men!”

“You shouldn’t be making this noise at people’s bars, ma’am, something’s going on in the house, but public places like this affect people’s lives.”

Currently, the above clip is still being widely shared on social media.