The clip captures the moment a male lion who was preying suddenly had a seizure and then died, shocking many people.
This shocking moment, recorded by a traveler at Pilanesberg National Park (South Africa), shows a lion silently approaching a bull-headed antelope about 300 metres away.

As he prepared to approach to attack the prey, the male lion suddenly held back, lay down, and began to twitch.
Just seconds after a severe seizure, the male lion faded and lay still. According to the owner of the clip, the male lion was found dead shortly afterwards.
The incident is said to have taken place since 2013, but has recently been shared on social media, quickly “fevering” in the online community and causing many people to witnes not a shock.

Many people think that the lion in the incident had a seizure, leading to seizures and death. Epilepsy is a nervous system disease that occurs in many animals, but rarely what happens to animals of the cat family such as lions or tigers…
Meanwhile, it has been suggested that the lion has been bitten by a snake before and that excessive movement helps the poison spread faster, causing the animal to experience seizures and death.
Some people think that the lion had a predatory seizure and was active in the extreme heat of Africa, causing the cardiovascular system to overload and leading to death.

however, this opinion does not enjoy the support of many due to the fact that lions hunt in hot conditions is too normal and familiar.
One remarkable detail in that clip is that the tourists were constantly laughing when they saw the moment when the lion twitched and then suddenly died, which led the netizens to criticize them for saying that
it’s a very cruel response to what’s happening in front of us. However, it seems that this group of visitors was also very surprised by the incident and they thought it was a peaceful reaction some kind of lion anomaly, instead of a deadly seizure.
Even knowing that the lion was having a seizure, it was clear that the visitors had no other way to intervene to save the dying lion’s life.
The specific cause of the lion’s seizure and sudden death are still unknown.