This week marks a significant change in Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard.
Depp’s testimony earlier in the trial about the times Heard was accused of punching or verbal assault was specific, and his denials of misconduct allegations against him is very detailed.

Heard testified that Depp had been on drugs for days and beaten her frequently, and described the injuries she believes she suffered as a result of the assaults.

If her attorney can’t attest to all of that in the next few weeks, the jury may not find her trustworthy.”Amber Heard has taken a more risky approach. Her claims of abuse are extreme. If jurors believe her, she would see heaven giving the award and punishing Depp, ” Huntley Taylor told Insider.

“However, if the jury doesn’t believe her, they will punish her. For that reason, her credibility seems to be paramount to the jury’s decisions.”