The video after being posted has attracted a lot of attention and shares.The Anchorage Parking Authority is known for giving gruesome looks to animals with broken windshields.

In 1994 they gave this woman,Linny Pacillo a parking ticket for the wrong side of her license and she was furious.She uses a gas station so to get revenge, she bought a bottle of money in her gas station, collecting money to pay for expired meters in the city center.

Then she and her sister would dress up as injectors and run around and fill those expired parking meters.They even bought an old maid’s cart and painted it hip. And because the parking authority still gave them tickets on foot, they couldn’t keep up with the sisters.

In one year the parking management agency lost more than 100 thousand revenue and after four years the agency was completely disbanded.
The opposite of passive-aggressive, which is expressed in an uncertain or innocent way. What she does is activism.