And a video that came out recently that caught people’s interest in sharing caused a lot of controversy. In a video where a woman is very beautiful and has a strong body and personality,she stands in a room and tries out a very high pair of white boots, which must be wearing 20 stools and making it really terrible.

Not everyone can handle it and stand up, and she had to train and walk a lot to stand on those 20-foot boots.After trying those shoes, she stood up and wobbled her legs very hard and her movements were very moving and deo dai. She shook her ankle and then it was more slowly,really fast, maybe this would have caused her to lose her thigh opening.

Perhaps the use of such high heels will help the 20 stool heels are one of the models that can help girls improve their top form today.

Seeing her actions as people had two streams of opinions ,some people had assumed that a quick thigh shake was very professional and difficult to do.