The video captures the image of a man riding a motorbike with his girlfriend when he was abandoned by his girlfriend and did not ride the bike. After seeing his girlfriend leave, he also left his car and left. Leaving the motorcycle on the side of the road.

The exciting and dramatic feeling of conquering each winding road when riding a large displacement bike is something that men cannot refuse.

If you want to learn to ride a large displacement bike, you need to learn the driving instructions and the control panel on the car before going into practice. Use two or all four fingers to squeeze the clutch and the brake lever to adjust the clutch and brake force in an emergency.
The way to ride a PKL safely is that you need to obey the traffic laws and follow the driving instructions. The driving position always needs to be as comfortable as possible to make it easier to handle unexpected situations.

Before getting on the car, you should turn all the handles – east to the right hand to make it easier to get on and off without getting caught in the hips or thighs on the handlebar. Two toes are placed on the footrest bar to reduce fatigue when traveling long distances and help the driver react more flexibly. Before departing, the driver needs to stand near the side of the fuel tank and slowly raise his leg carefully around the saddle.

In addition, avoid stiffening your hands when riding a large displacement motorcycle because this will make the arms and shoulder blades difficult to move smoothly when cornering or promptly handling dangerous situations. Use more motorcycle gloves to avoid pain and calluses when traveling a lot.
Joining the traffic safely when you own a motorcycle with a pitiful design, a powerful engine is necessary to know how to keep a safe distance from vehicles on the road. In addition, you should buy yourself a specialized helmet for backpackers to ensure safety. You need to strictly follow traffic rules to ensure your own safety. Avoid running red lights, dodging in the city affecting others.