The video was posted on social media, attracted the interest of a lot of interesting people and wanted to find that movie.
When she sees someone who’s hurt, she can feel the pain and feel like she’s hurt.
To test her words, a man struck her hard on the face and she immediately felt the pain appear on her face.

And then we could feel the fame of a lot of sick people and nagy her own mother, which made her very painful to show up in the hospital.
If you are interested in the movie and know what the girl will look like, then look for the movie ” chicago med”
Chicago Med is an American medical feature film created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, and the third installment of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago franchise.

The film premiered on NBC on November 17, 2015. Chicago Med follows in the footsteps of the fictional Chicago Gaffney Medical Center emergency department (ED) doctors and nurses.
Set in Chicago , Chicago Med is the third series in Dick Wolf’s Chicago series. It focuses on the emergency department at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and their doctors and nurses as they work to save patients’ lives.

It sometimes combines with characters from Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.
Imagine how she had to feel their pain, and at the end of the video, when she walked with her mother into the hospital and saw the dying patient in the hospital bed, she felt her pain and she was shaking on the ground.