Going to the bar alone is not a “I’m alone” statement. This is your chance to heal, to grow, and many other opportunities. Opportunities to tease others.
The video of the man offering a biker in the pub a glass of filtered water made the viewer laugh in the gut.

“No one should go to drink alone” is not the opinion of the minority. Thrillist thought that bars like bars were meant to be places to communicate, and going it alone would be against that standard.
Living in a busy city, busy all day long, we can’t sadly run away in the sea or the mountains. At these times, the pub is a great choice.
The fact that there are many people, the noisy space and the dim lights of the bar makes very few people care what we’re doing, but traveling alone is also boring, so this man came up with a way to make his outing a pleasure.

It was to invite wine to the tables around, and after watching a circle of people sitting in the pub, this man latched the tall, bearded, thick biker man.
Then the waiter brought the biker guy a drink. Biker was quite surprised to get a drink from such a stranger, but also very quickly took the drink to the guy and made the toast.

After drinking a breath, the biker suddenly said, ” This is water, man.”
After the video had caught the attention of the internet residents, many people thought that this guy was quite brave to tease such a big guy.
Many funny people also comment :
“Hahaha the look on his face. He like its WATER!!! “LOL.”
“Dudes beard looks like it might jump off and walk away.”
“wtf this is Bud Light”
Ain’t gonna lie after seeing that beard I’d fall for this fucker too 😂”

>>Link video :https://www.facebook.com/114627364806129