The video above captures the scene of a protest on the street; the atmosphere is agitated and hectic, and people hold signs and unite to fight the demonstrations.
Blocking by the police, this is the scene where the people and the police are jostling and overwhelming each other. The incident quickly attracted everyone’s attention; they did not understand what was happening and why people acted like this.

They are ready and not afraid of the police even though they resist and take up arms. Protests are not too strange to us. Protests are the expression and expression of thoughts, actions, and disagreements about regulations related to the interests of organizations, individuals, or groups of people who advocate for political ends or other causes. It usually includes walking to mass parades and begins with a meetup at a designated or undesignated location.

Actions such as blockading the streets and sitting still can also be called protests. Protests can be nonviolent or violent or begin as nonviolent and become violent depending on the circumstances of the demonstration. Sometimes riot police or other forms of law enforcement Others also joined the protest. In some cases, this may be an attempt to prevent resistance from happening or not happening.

In other cases, it could be to avoid conflict between rival groups or to prevent a demonstration from spreading and turning into a riot. Viewers hope they can
Could you explain the incident again so they can answer their questions?