“He denied trying to take down any protesters, but indicated that he wanted to raise an American flag over the crowd,” a police lieutenant said of the incident. No injuries have been reported
A pickup truck driver who filmed driving past protesters gathered near Old Court Square in Santa Rosa on Saturday night was a Montgomery High School student based on public statements by his home government. school and police.

The incident, captured by bystanders on video and the city’s live feed in Old Court Square, occurred at the end of a peaceful daytime protest following the death of George Floyd this week. while in police custody.
According to Santa Rosa Police, Lieutenant Jeneane Kucker, a plainclothes officer for Santa Rosa, also witnessed the event. Investigators have since interviewed the boy, whom they have not identified.

Kucker said the driver was a minor and was released to his parents after being interviewed, and the truck was impounded, Kucker said in an email.

“He denied trying to crush any protesters, but indicated that he wanted to fly an American flag over the crowd,” Kucker said. “Since no victims have reported, the driver has been released pending further investigation.”

No arrests have been made and no injuries have been reported.
Montgomery High School officials, in an email to the school community on Sunday, said administrators were aware of “an incident in which a Montgomery High School student was seen and recorded. on video while driving during a protest in downtown Santa Rosa yesterday. The video has been widely shared on social media.

Videos showed a red Toyota pickup truck moving through the intersection of Mendocino and Fourth Avenue on the north side of the square and through a crowd of protesters, prompting dozens of pedestrians to give chase. the pickup truck as it circled the square, an American flag fluttering in its place in the truck bed.

The truck hit traffic just before it could complete its lap, and some protesters caught up with it near the northwest corner of the square. The video shows one person apparently trying to climb under the truck before falling, another clinging to the driver’s side window but falling as the truck cleared and sped away.

Other protesters threw objects at the vehicle, including a folding scooter that landed under the truck, according to videos posted on social media.

In a separate statement, the Santa Rosa Police Department asked anyone who has been a victim of violence during the unrest to notify police by calling 707-528-5222.

Montgomery High School principal Randy Burbank said school administrators were aware of the incident and would assist with the police department’s investigation.