On October 17, 2021, at 12:32 a.m., two cars collided on National Highway 1A. The clip recorded by the owner of this accident is that he is driving a red car. The incident, the cause of the incident is also because the black car from the right to the right crashed into the car running in the opposite direction with the red car.

After hitting, the black car flew 300 meters and hit the top of the white car. That car was broken, broken and the owner of that car also suffered a great deal of health damage. He was immediately taken to the emergency room by bystanders. The crashed car was crushed at the front of the car, but health is fine. The white car was on the right track but also suffered a big shock.

In short, the case is handled according to the law, then the car that crashed was driving completely wrong because the black car was running in the opposite direction of the red car, it was the priority road they had the right to circulate on the road. It is wrong for a black car to hit because, if you are on the right side, you must observe and give way to vehicles on the priority road.

But no, he did not observe the way, driving at high speed, so this serious accident happened. And this car must compensate for the black car he hit and the white car. Bear all the expenses that he was stabbed in the hospital for treatment.After this incident, you are required to drive cars on the road to be careful, cautious, and watch carefully when crossing the road. At the junction, the intersection needs to be driven at a slow speed for easy observation. That is not only for the safety of yourself, but also for the road users.