In a heartwarming tale of automotive history, a 100-year-old car has been revived after lying dormant for an astounding 62 years. This vintage beauty, a 1926 Dodge Brothers touring car, holds a special place in the heart of its owner, as it was his very first car when he was just a sixteen-year-old teenager. Now, after all these decades, the car is about to roar back to life, ready to create one more magical moment for the man who cherished it in his youth.

The painstaking efforts to resurrect this classic vehicle were finally successful, and the moment of truth has arrived. The gentleman, filled with nostalgia and excitement, is about to take the wheel once again and relive the cherished memories of his youth. The team at Fat Fender Garage, where the restoration took place, couldn’t be prouder of their achievement. This 1926 Dodge is now the oldest vehicle ever to grace their workshop, and witnessing the joy on the owner’s face was truly priceless.

The touching video captures the love and bond between man and machine, as the vintage car embarks on a journey through time. The incredible reunion between the man and his beloved automobile stands as a testament to the enduring connection we have with our past. As the engine roars back to life, so do the cherished memories of a bygone era, creating a heartwarming story that resonates with enthusiasts and history lovers alike.

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