The uncle belongs to an 8-year-old garman dog, his owner tied his hands, feet, and mouth and took him to the forest. There is a picture of the dog trying so hard it can’t even try to scream, while. The owner did not see the pain but continued to tie it up as if nothing had happened.

Unequal before that scene, fortunately the dog had a chance to live with a brothe. The young man found out that he recorded the scene and came to undress the poor uncle. After untied, he took the dog to the police station. At that time, the owner of the dog was shocked. Why did he have this clip and what did I do wrong and refused to say why I tied up my dog and threw it away.

He doesn’t even know he’s abusing animals. What if someone tied him up in the woods and dumped him in the same way? All netizens expressed their anger when they saw the above pictures. It is known that after was rescued, the poor dog couldn’t even stand up, it collapsed and was taken by the young man to a nearby animal shelter to take care of.

Central doctor for know I believe the incident not only happened recently, not the first time, but there are still many burns and other injuries on the dog’s leg. According to the law, the sentence for the crime. Animal cruelty is 2 years in prison, the sentence for killing animals is 2 years in prison. Hope we know how to love animals as well as why we should treat them with it in such a cruel way.