In the clip recording the image of the police carrying out the task of leading the delegation to serve the 13th National Congress of the Party, units of the Traffic Police Department and other forces of the City Police, the Capital Command carried out the presented the plans to lead the delegation to serve the XIII Congress of the Party.

In order for the real plan to take place like the real thing, the Traffic Police Department of the City Police Department has a plan to anticipate situations arising on the road to correct as in the scenario. On banned and temporarily banned routes at the time frames as notified to the people before, the functional forces are ready to perform their duties with an honorable and proud attitude, making a small contribution to the success.

The 13th National Congress of the Party. To ensure that the performance was completed successfully, many police officers and soldiers had to go ahead to lead the way, leaving some pictures from the performance. Through the implementation work, the City Police wishes the people, the armed forces, officials, workers and employees to