A Texas police officer was filmed trying to make a claim to a tourist from Mexico that he must have a Texas driver’s license to operate a vehicle in the state and appeared unable to recognize a driver’s license. His Mexican car was legal, which seemed strange to a cop trained in a border state with the country.
A viral TikTok video shows an interaction with the officer, in which she calls his lack of a Texas license “another offence” and rudely asks him if he does he speak English when he has been doing so all this time.

“Do you have anything from Texas?” the officer asked while holding a driver’s license.
“No, I don’t have a permit from Texas,” he replied.

“So you’re driving without a license from Texas?” she asked. “It’s another violation.”

“What violation?”

“Drive without a license.”
Watching the video, it seems that this supposedly trained cop thinks that if you don’t have a specific driver’s license from Texas, you don’t have one at all. In fact, an out-of-state driver’s license is allowed to drive a vehicle in all states, and in Texas, a license from Mexico is also perfectly valid. The only exception is those who have moved to the state who must obtain a new in-state license within one year or within 90 days of becoming a full-fledged resident of Texas, but this man is simply visit her children.

“Is this a license?” asked the policeman while looking directly at his license.

“Can you read?” he asked back.
“Do you understand English?” she speaks.

According to a follow-up video, the officer refused to recognize his driver’s license as valid and issued a ticket before letting him go. The TikTok videos are from a police misconduct tracking account, but you can find a full video of this particular incident on YouTube with the victim’s account. In the video description text, he said he was looking for an affordable gas station when he noticed Fraga Police following him.
“As I was pulling over to find another gas station, she had her eyes fixed on me, probably noticing that I was not from that area because New Braunfels is 91% white,” he wrote. “She started following me for more than 2 miles to FISH WHEN VIOLATIONS, she didn’t witness me breaking anything so she ended up making up stories.”

After what was shown in the TikTok video, Fraga apparently called for support and on YouTube an entire line of additional police cars can be seen while another police officer interrogates him about an earlier and obvious statement. is ironically affirming Fraga’s question about whether he has a weapon in the car or not with his baby. It is likely that this is because Mexicans are often frustrated by stereotypes promoted by racists, including a certain former US president, which leads to police filing racial segregation.

Commenters on these videos expressed confusion that a highly trained Texas police officer would not recognize a driver’s license from Mexico, many accusing her of misconduct and lamenting. about the meager training hours required to become a police officer.

“So she wrote him a ticket for not having a driver’s license,” one YouTube commenter wrote. “And yet she gave him back his license and let him drive away. I think she knows she messed up. Especially in front of her boss.”