The video below captures the scene in a shopping center where two policemen chase a criminal; he is in the middle of two police officers. The police officer tried to run out of the room. The outside policeman stepped back, let him escape, and ran down the stairs. The female policeman quickly gave chase, and the male police officer.

Followed. A guy ran to help two police officers and finally caught the other criminal. The video quickly received the attention of netizens. They wondered what crime he had committed to be chased by the police. Besides, they also criticized the male policeman’s cowardly act of backing.

At the same time, he was a police officer. The police have the right to catch criminals and have weapons but let the criminals escape. Fortunately, there is a guy to help, so they quickly see the criminal.

Some netizens shared:
“It is easy to see that the female officer called for ‘back up.’ And the male officer assisted, as requested.”
“Hahaha, watch that male cop back off until his female partner starts chasing after another guy! He feels tough now!”
“That cop with all his combat gear runs away and leaves the cop and one bystander. The cunt!”
“It’s staged, from the area forced him to go down more stairs. Need to improve optical vision.”