The video below captures a picture of a war, a chaotic conflict on the road of people on the road. It is deliberately breaking and smashing a the patrol car; not only that, if we pay close attention, there is a person in that group who seems to be lying unconscious on the road.

It quickly ended, leaving viewers extremely confused and worried. They didn’t understand what was going on and why the people were so agitated; they hoped that someone who knew about this case could explain the question so they could feel better.

Some people say, “Nothing like a controlled operation… then came
pandemonium pandemic… see how “nicely” that worked out, and next year, 2023, we will be presented with a new monetary “system” to curb all of “this”… thanks
everyone … you proved that Metropolitan Madness can ruin life for every last one of us…good job!”. Another said, “Coming to a neighborhood near you, reason too many people without. In addition, America is expanding by the thousands every day. Our labor force can’t accommodate this growth.”

Or “now look at CHP…CHP is a protection and service to help people saves lives…good respect CHP and very bad protestors / bad riots…arrests all bad Ps / Rs people”, ” If it’s an undercover cop filming, he must show this. It seems someone is down, and they are calling for an ambulance. So need to see what started this. Like many, they don’t show whar started it, just the after-effects.”