Videos are going viral of an anonymous Black Lives Matter protester, who is so tall that it is said to be threatening the police. People online are reacting to the videos by creating fancams and yearning for him.

The protester, who is believed to be a young man and is estimated to be 7 feet tall, remains camouflaged in his pre-fitted riot suit. He has been seen in many videos confronting police at protests. In one video, he looks into the officers’ faces and points at them (it’s not clear what he said to them). In another scene, one can see him throwing back an alleged gas can at them.

Twitter users are saying that he “could step on me” and “break me in half like a KitKat”. Others wrote that they had “fallen in love” after seeing him “bullying the police” and declaring him a “king” for participating in “king activities”.

“I am so excited about the 7 foot tall special agent who threatened the police(s) the other day,” one user wrote, adding that he lives in the D.C. area. (Others also claim this is the site he is protesting against.)
Most of the users are declaring their love for him with the hashtag #specopsguy.

The anonymous protester is also being aggressively hunted down on TikTok, where users are creating fancams of him, set to everything from Two Feet’s “Go Fuck Yourself” to LIL DARKIE’s “METHHEAD FREESTYLE.” (Fancam is an image compilation made by stans and the subject is whoever they are following.)

Some are urging people online not to try to figure out the identity of the anonymous protester. “PROTECT HIM AND HIS Identity AS YOU PROTECT THESE PEOPLE,” one person wrote.

People on both platforms appreciated Anonymous after it “returned” over the weekend. In one of the videos, the anonymous protester can be seen wearing a camera on a Guy Fawkes helmet and mask badge, commonly associated with Anonymous. Some have even alleged that he is associated with a loose collective of hacktivists, but that remains unclear.