In recent days on social networks, a video has been circulated by viewers of a horse racing competition and a horse during the competition was injured, the fall caused the horse to fall.

The man was riding a horse and was thrown away. The cause of the horse’s fall was due to a leg injury that had not yet recovered, but to entertain everyone, the horse competed on his sore leg.

People are too cruel to exploit the power of this horse just for them to bet against each other to see which horse will win. To get the victory, that horse must be really strong and have more fighting power than other horses.

But because this horse’s health is not stable, its leg is injured, so it is difficult to compete. Some comments because they love horses have frankly expressed their views on this:

“It’s horrible… both left legs injured are the entertainment of heartless people”

“I hope the baby recovers…”

“This horse has a broken left ankle, why are you here, disgusting.”

“Bloody Animal Torture”