The man holding a homemade gun suddenly rushed to the middle of the road and cursed, pointed a gun to threaten the driver who was operating the car in traffic.
According to the dash cam of a car, when the driver was driving the car on the road, he was suddenly hit by a man wearing a T-shirt, shorts, full of tattoos, not only that, he also wore a police badge.

Deliberately rushed to the road to block the car. The man loudly cursed, repeatedly raised his gun and threatened the car driver.
The man’s attitude at this time was quite aggressive, holding a gun-like object, causing panic for many people. Repeatedly using the hand sign to swat the man out of the car
The man in the car was quite confused and panicking, repeatedly asking why the other man pointed the gun at his head, making the ferocious man even more aggressive.

According to separate sources, the man appeared to be drunk, not only disguised as a police officer, and pointed a gun at cars in the area and still did not know his true purpose was to rob property. , or is this a serial killer?
Previously, on social networks, a clip was shared showing a man holding a gun suddenly rushing out into the street to stop a moving car and swearing and threatening to shoot the driver. The entire incident was recorded by the car’s dash cam.

Others also commented:
“Another ignorant bully given power a gun and the power to use both….”
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“Because he is a cock with a badge..”

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