There are many road traffic violations that participants often commit unnoticed. Here are the most common bugs and sanctions you need to know to keep mistakes to a minimum

The social network is spreading a clip of more than 2 minutes, recording the traffic officer “taking the floor” of a man on a motorcycle. The content of the clip shows a motorcycle being held by the police
Because of the violation of the wrong section of the road, this policeman gave him a ticket and was fined $3500
Thats called a Terry stop. If the officer didn’t have reds and blues on at the time he approached the rider, Cop is making an illegal traffic stop.

If you see you break the law it doesn’t matter. He can write you for what he observed. Doesnt matter if your on the side of the road You could be home in your driveway but if he observed you breaking the law he can show up to your house 2 hours later and write you up
Shoulder is still part of the roadway, therefore, still public property. As soon as the cop saw him on the roadway, then whatever the cop saw him doing which was illegal would be reason enough for the detention.

Clearly he wasn’t free to go and most states you’d be required to identify yourself and provide vehicle registration and insurance. Biker better hope his stuff was in order because that’s how you talk yourself into getting your shit impounded.
Others also commented :
“Just because you pulled over BEFORE he caught up to you or some other thing doesn’t mean you are safe. Not enough information in this video to make judgements EXCEPT… the police office says “you are being arrested” and at that point the dumb kid should have said cool, “I plead the 5th and refuse to answer questions”… see how that works out for him.”
Many people also think :
sự lạm dụng quyền lực Glad it was being recorded. The city will get a nice lawsuit coming.”

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