Many people like to keep Rottweilers because they are extremely loyal, affectionate, calm and brave. They have a protective instinct that makes them excellent guard dogs.

But when they start to growl when you show them affection, it can make you confused and anxious. So why is my Rottweiler growling? While a Rottweiler’s growl may sound aggressive, it is simply a form of communication.

Rottweilers will growl to let you know that they are feeling happy, excited, scared, or deeply hurt. Next time your Rottweiler growls, observe the situation as well as their body language.

Rottweiler growling this is actually a normal instinctive behavior of this breed. That’s because they were bred to be guard dogs, so they will instinctively growl at any threat.

If you are wondering “why does the Rottweiler growl when you stroke it?” it could mean they like you petting them and they growl as a way to tell you to keep petting them.

The girl in the video accidentally stepped on it and the dog immediately growled but it was simply a form of communication. Rottweilers will growl to let her know that they are hurting her feet and she will also gently stroke her and apologize for it.

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