The average American works 34.5 hours in an office each week. That’s a lot of time interacting with colleagues, making friends at work, and sometimes forming strong relationships.

What is a working spouse? It’s “the coworker with whom you have a close friendship, the gender you are attracted to, and the person with whom you have a relationship like a couple”.

Most Americans – 57% of men and 69% of women – have introduced their work partner to their significant other. However, 21% of those surveyed admitted they lied about their spouse’s work to their partner (with men more likely to do so, 24.5% versus 17.4). %).
According to Simply Hired, men are also more likely to misrepresent their relationship with their work partner. “So what might they be hiding? In some extreme cases, a working couple’s relationship can lead to full-blown emotional problems, an offense that is considered by some to be a crime.” worse than physical cheating.”

The point is that while these relationships may never be off-limits, in most cases there is an underlying attraction.
Having close working relationships is not a bad thing. It’s also not inappropriate if you’re attracted to someone other than your spouse, as long as you handle it properly.

That means – at a minimum – your real-life partner must know about your work partner. And, whether appealing or not (and the numbers suggest it might be), you have to weigh every action.
If you’re uncomfortable with your partner seeing your communications or hearing conversations with your work spouse, you’ve probably crossed the line. It’s important to communicate well at home so you don’t hide anything from your partner.