Recently on social networks, viewers re-uploaded a video of a girl recounting a trip with her best friend, especially she mentioned the problem of two people spending the night.

That person has something special. She went through and sketched the actions and gestures with pictures for viewers to understand, first the two hugged each other to sleep but then he fell asleep without hugging her again .

His sweaty face made him fall asleep on the pillow beside her but then she hugged him again and the two continued to hug. After sleeping for a while, he went to the bathroom again, she waited for him, as if everything had been arranged and taken care of by her.

This guy seemed to hug her at first, but then he fell asleep alone for comfort, probably because he was fast asleep so he didn’t notice anything. This girl alone can see that she actively approached the guy and wanted her friend to hug her tightly.

She used stickers and drawings so viewers could see how much she liked this guy and they seemed like a couple. Many people think that if they have spent the night together, they are definitely a couple and this is a common thing for couples.

This girl really wants to feel loved by her boyfriend, but he can’t see it because of too much sleep. Netizens have been captivated by the video, with many expressing their feelings about the video above:

“Feeling hot is the worst and she doesn’t even leave the void because she wants a hug”

“The most disturbing thing about this video is that they switch sides of the bed!”

“I like this because I relate to this 😂”

Many netizens are so interested in this video that they feel something similar to their loved ones.