The girl in the video is the narrator in her house, she lives with her dad’s girlfriend and they don’t like each other very much. When her brother asked what for

dinner, she replied that it could be a piece of lettuce and 2 young carrots.

When she said that, Dad’s girlfriend told her that if she didn’t like the food we bought, move in with their mother. She replied without hesitation that she didn’t think we would do it when we could.

When dad’s girlfriend complains that she doesn’t like this girl’s attitude, she thinks the same thing is happening to her and the two don’t like each other.

Dad’s girlfriend says she’s getting married to their dad, she brags that your dad will propose to her in the near future. The girl also responded harshly that her father never told her that he cheated on his ex to go out with friends, not soften his heart.

Soon after, dad’s girlfriend sent a picture of the ring and does this mean you gave it a glitter effect? Why is your fork shining in the background? .

Right now, her brother says I just saw that ring at Walmart for $19.99. At this time, the girlfriend was so embarrassed that she changed the topic to call her mother, this time she replied that her mother did not like her girlfriend’s father.

It seems like both of you don’t like each other and she doesn’t like them sitting around talking to each other.