The video was posted about a boy at school when a group of friends bullied him, he was holding his skateboard toy when it was snatched and thrown, and it seemed to.”
people didn’t care about that. Before the incident, a guy picked up a skateboard for him, and the group left. In another scene in the video, the boy is on campus; he runs into a group of young people who had bullied him before; he was walking up a slight slope when one of them threw a ball at him, causing him to fall and things to lose.

At that moment, the young man who helped him pick up the skateboard again appeared and rescued him, boy. The young man got angry and threw the ball back to the group of young men, causing one of them to fall. They panicked and left. He stood up and smiled, satisfied when they were punished. Bullying or mocking classmates is not harmless, but it has a significant impact on the young psyche, even haunting them for life, and can leave negative consequences.
Long-term consequences.

Although not as severe as school violence, bullying at school is also a painful problem that, until now
Parents and educators have not yet found an effective solution.Many children feared going to school due to bullying or witnessing the incident. Many parents are now very concerned that the problem of school violence has been increasing over timerecently. Verbal insults are the most common, but “cyberbullying” (often occurring outside of school) is becoming increasingly common.

With the development of information technology, school bullying is moving to a new form, although taking place outside of school, maybe when students
went home, but he was still concerned about what had happened at school.