Recently on social networks, a video has been posted that attracts a lot of views and followers from netizens, the guy in the video is a man, the neighbor of the

guy I mentioned.

He said this was the first day he stopped his neighbor from selling his house, he seemed to regret something in this room and that was the reason why he acted like that.

He entered a warehouse where his neighbors had parked his favorite cars, which housed a variety of vehicles including motorcycles and cars. His neighbor is also

a fan of owning such cars and this is also what this guy loves.

The car manufacturers are all owned by him. The guy still tried to stop, still wanted the neighbors to keep the house, he still tried to convince.

Someone said that he seemed to want to buy the house and tried to prevent it because he was afraid that his neighbors would sell it to others.

There are also some other opinions that he did so for a reason:

“Brother, there is a problem with the grounding line, your meter has increased by several hundred, it must be a faulty ground wire or the battery inside.”

“One way to lower house prices is… to go to the street”