The video below captures the image of a young man riding a motorbike and then stopping to buy water; he seemed to do it while taking water. He dropped something and continued to leave. He had a remote control and a newly purchased water toad in one hand. It was dangerous and broke the law.

Traffic must be driven with two hands. He turned his head and looked worried as he ran, it seemed that a car was following him and then he stopped a man.
The man in the car came out, and he looked worried. The video ended in disappointment, causing viewers many questions and controversies.

Why is he so concerned? Why did that car follow him, and who was he? Besides, many people think this is a video staged to attract attention. Netizens’ attention, but this video has no meaning or content.

Some people shared that:
“No one wants to like this staged nonsense.”
“Get the drink. He dropped the card.”
“Part 1: stupid nonsense
Part 2: More stupid crap”
“There’s no part 2. Don’t waste your time.”