The video recorded a man riding a motorbike and then being stopped by two police cars in the middle of the road, a policeman approached and asked him to get off the car but he didn’t take it and the officer took the car key and threw it away.

Immediately, the officer dragged him to the door of the police car and began to tie his hands. Many comments also wondered why the traffic police stopped the car

when he had no violations, the reason was because the driver swerved, speeded, he even said in the video that he did not meet the police until it was too late it

was said that the cop had absolutely no right to be so offended let alone toss his keys.

In case of arrest, the officer is responsible for his or her belongings, so if someone throws a key and can puncture their tire or destroy the key on the PD without any key Which key can affect the towing and add 100% of the towing cost driver comply and cooperate with officers.

The cop doesn’t necessarily bring feelings or emotions like this into his job, it’s the way people get hurt or killed for some reason that he needs a leave of absence and evaluation morality .

It’s really part of their son to avoid situations like both of these people are wrong but one of them doesn’t get paid when this happens. Some rejected that argument and defended the actions of the officers, saying that throwing keys is something that is taught when drivers are too reckless or aggressive.

It is a way to prevent motorists from causing additional danger to others by attempting to drive. Also, most cars don’t weigh 4-6K they think people are likely to cause a second and third impact. If he drove a 600 lb bike past the police, it would cause him injury or dearth if working reckless drivers cause injury to others such as colliding with others and they brake hard causing another accident or causing others to run over causing another accident, it will be dangerous to others.

Netizens are still hotly arguing about this issue, with some saying that the police should not be allowed to seize people’s property even though they are wrong.

But some argue that the police have the right to do so because he is too reckless and does not comply.

“That guy was caught by the police for faking, I watched the whole video, it turns out there is another guy on the same bike, with the same clothes, doing something stupid”

“Police with such attitude need to be corrected”