The video shares a picture of a woman driving down the road and going to a crossroads, a car is going by at a pretty fast speed and it looks like it’s over the red light.Piece the truck came and she loeen kept honking to remind the other driver to go more carefully. After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of interest and comment by guys, a lot of people think she should slow down when she crosses the intersection, and if that sounds dangerous, let’s slow down, not honk.

But many people think that the error is because the other car goes over the red light, and the truck is big, so if the brakes are folded, it is very dangerous for the driver and the people in the surrounding traffic.
Emergency brakes (folding brakes) are used in case the vehicle moves at high speed and suddenly encounters an obstacle. If braking is abrupt and strong, cars are more likely to get tight, causing when the wheel is no longer rolling on the road but slips, the vehicle is completely out of control.

In order for the brake to be effective when the vehicle is travelling at high speed, it is necessary to step on the brake pedal until the wheel feeling has begun. start to slide on the road, but still go straight in the direction that still controls the steering, immediately release the brake pedal. The vehicle is out of slip, keep braking until the vehicle stops completely.

Brake click techniques are used by many experienced drivers in traffic. Instead of stepping hard on the brakes once, causing people to move forward, the braking technique is multi-step will cause the vehicle to stop very slowly and smoothly. Drivers should pedal slightly at the first braking to reduce speed to a stable level and then brake gradually to take advantage of the vehicle’s momentum. The brake pads then continue to brake for the
until the vehicle stops completely or continues to ride. This technique is used in the case of normal stopping brakes, without taking into account unexpected situations.