In recent days, netizens have posted a video of a car in front playing a song, but the song seems to be of poor quality, so the car owner has started creating

sessions the song’s meme sing .

Her car radio was too small so the song didn’t sound right, plus the crackling sound of the old radio made her listen to it while driving. The car behind her car was

captured by the dashcam and even the lyrics made him hear it.

The act of playing loud music while driving also caused netizens to argue fiercely because this is too dangerous, if she is driving on a road with many other cars circulating on the road, this also means that the accident rate is very high.

Music will make our mind melodious to the music and this will make our mind less focused, many accidents happen because of these actions. Many netizens expressed their opinions on this video:

“Honestly, I was expecting a car crash as soon as Smash Mouth hit the radio 😂”

“I’m waiting for her car to get hit from behind”

“Waiting for an accident, they don’t stop coming 😂😅🤣😢”

“What evil did this to a song. I would hate this so much”