In the era of rapidly developing society and technology, many parents have chosen to install CCTV cameras in their children’s rooms. This brings great benefits to parents when caring or managing take care of the children without being present often.

The video re-shares the image of the boy in his bedroom, and his parents have installed a camera to monitor his manager and he knows it too. Before go to bed
he approached the camera and said good night to his parents then covered the camera with a towel. Maybe he didn’t want his parents to control his private affairs.
Should parents install cameras in their children’s rooms? How will installing a camera in my child’s room affect my child’s psychological life and development?

Circumstances where the law prohibits the installation of cameras in children’s rooms include:
Parents install surveillance cameras, camouflage, hidden in the room of children over 18 years old. Persons over 18 years old who have reached the age of criminal responsibility and are considered an adult under the law,
Therefore, installing hidden cameras and unintended monitoring is considered a violation of privacy.

The law prohibits parents and guardians from installing surveillance cameras for young children in sensitive areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, toilets, or one-room bedrooms (children have nowhere else to go).
to change clothes). Intentional installation in these areas is considered a violation of privacy rights, which may result in civil action.
It is strictly forbidden in all cases where parents, guardians, relatives, neighbors.. to install hidden cameras to record nude images, pictures of children changing clothes, or for other purposes bad destination.