The video shared the image in the family’s kitchen, when the mother was cleaning the dishes when the father came over and gave her a kiss to thank her for being busy. family, but then the father gave his daughter a paper cannon, which she shot and the paper flew all over the house. The mother was very surprised at this time and with a helpless expression, she just cleaned I cleaned everything up and was about to rest, but now I have to continue cleaning up the trash. It can be seen that this prank of a father and daughter will really make many people uncomfortable, women after a hard day just want to rest but have to continue doing unnamed jobs.

But looking at her face, maybe she’s not that angry, it can be seen that this is a happy family when everyone is always together and considers each other as friends.

A happy family is one that is always close and respectfully cheerful, talking and laughing every day and not breaking a sweat over little things; they soon expressed forgiveness, spoke kindly together and support each other’s big and small moments.

They have learned to be better listeners and admit when we are wrong as quickly as possible, while respecting boundaries.
and their own needs. A happy family blends into life, stays committed, seeks balance and integrity, and chooses loving and productive habits. They are loyal to
each other and remember that serving others comes first.