The video recorded a very cute kitten crawling on her by going from paw to back and climbing on her shoulder when she saw the girl was eating a piece of bread, it seemed the cat was hungry.

Climbing on the shoulder of this cat is too familiar to girls. The quick climb also makes viewers understand that they are very close, just climbing this kitten has rubbed against the girl, showing us cats mark you with their scent.

Any form of petting your cat’s head shows affection for you. When a cat rubs your hand, touches your face lightly, or rubs you, the cat will use their body scent to mark you.

Cats secrete pheromones from glands in their cheeks and use this scent to mark your possession. Cats rarely meow with other cats. Kittens use special pronunciation to interact with family members.

Even if cats annoy you with lots of meows, Meoes talk to you with love. The cat then licks her and the reason they lick themselves is for cleaning and grooming. Cat grooming also serves other purposes, such as establishing a close bond, in the same way a mother cat usually does with her kittens.

If the cat licks you, it means they treat you like family. Cats licking your skin and fur show great affection for you. The video makes viewers extremely excited with this, many comments say that this lovely kitten is showing affection and asking the owner for a piece of food:

“Kitten: give me some or here I am. “

“I wish they could stay small all the time”

“I think she’s trying to tell you something. lol that’s cute, I remember doing this when they were kids”

“so cute 🥰. Definition too cute”