The video re-shares an image of a policeman sitting at work and he hears the inmates start to smash in the cell, it seems that he is too familiar with this.
hey so he took it as a piece of music and danced to it, he seemed really excited about it. The fact that prisoners stay in their cells and refuse to sit still and wreak havoc is probably what happens often here, this policeman was too helpless because of this, so he probably got used to it.

After the video was posted, it quickly gained a lot of interest and comments from people, there were a lot of comments that were made and they felt that he was really funny.
Some people’s comments:

“Hated that shit. Wannabe rappers beating on the walls all night when ur trying to sleep. Sound horrible thinking they can rap”
“We be in there acting a fool tho bruh..a cell can’t keep us down”
“No matter the situation there’s ALWAYS a lesson to be learnT.!.!. And studies say that most people MISS some of the biggest lessons in life bc they were sooooo MAD that they don’t even know why they MAD!!😂🤣😅🤣😂😎😁🥸’

“Music help everyone through hard times..years ago in the pod, A cell down stairs b and c upstairs…each cell held 14 individual rooms..after lockdown for the night they yellin loso spit sum I yell back drop a beat 😭we get it popin and the choir hop in 💪If we had the stu in the block we be droppin bangers 💯”
“I used to love hearing the brothas cell beating at night in the cell block…it was so uplifting at the right times…can’t even believe how good some of the guys are at it with a tooth brush and a rolled up magazine or just their fists making’