In recent days, videos have appeared on websites of people and police dealing with each other with different actions, the most typical of which is the video

above happening on a road.

A policeman drove a white car and suddenly stopped in the middle of the road in front of that guy, the policeman did it because he wanted him to come get

the violation report and was afraid he would run away such driving behavior.

Then he arbitrarily pulled over to the side of the road and worked with the police, he violated the speed and the police chased him and fined him for taking the key and putting it away.

The police surprised the audience. Apparently he accepted the punishment and didn’t run away but the police acted as if he was going to run away and didn’t stop.

The video received a lot of comments from netizens, including the opinion that he was still doing well, so the police acted a bit too much. But there are also some

opinions that it seems that the guy was about to run away but was caught by the police, so he acted like that. Some netizens expressed:

“Bet he won’t work here”

“He will and you won’t do a damn thing.”