The video re-shares the image of a guy sitting in the bar and for some reason the police come in and arrest him, it seems that he has committed something and the police As soon as he found out, he quickly came to arrest him. At this moment a man outside ran in and he seemed to want to stop his brother being arrested.
He has a really good brother, although fighting with the police is wrong, it is seen that he is willing to do so for his brother.

Siblings are a great relationship. They are both friends of each other, bodyguards for each other, and images of striving…
Brothers are the oldest and most reliable friends
There is no problem in life that we cannot rely on our brothers. They are always there no matter what because they have been there from the first minute you were in the world until the minute you die. There is no such old friend!

Brothers do not let you fight alone
Having a brother means that you always have someone on your side in any difficulties that stand in your way. When you were young, simply protecting yourself from bullying child. As you grow up, he helps you overcome life’s challenges.
Brothers willing to let you fight alone when you really want to

There will be times when you want to prove your bravery, and you want to do something yourself without the help of your brothers. They are ready to support you because they know that you still have a lot to learn in the future difficulties ahead.

Besides your parents, the person who knows you best is your siblings. No need to say much, no need to act much, just eyes are enough to understand what your brother is facing, right!
Brothers are forever
One truth cannot be otherwise: brothers are forever. Whether you live far away from them, or have little chance to talk, they will always be your support and support in this life.