The guy in the video is a tiktoker with a lot of followers and views on it, he often has videos about his journey and recently a prank video on a policeman when he

met him on the street attract the attention of viewers.

He started recording a video when a police car stopped at a traffic light, this guy started with his prank. I will troll her one thing and remind everyone that she

doesn’t know your tiktok channel, when trolling she immediately gets a very surprising answer, she even said she didn’t know fastening his seat belt before driving

left him speechless.

Immediately after that, to avoid a bad situation, the driver left because he thought he was playing a prank on the officer. Many comments expressed their feelings

about this video, his behavior of not wearing a seat belt can be punished for not wearing a seat belt.

“You can still be fined if your passenger doesn’t wear a seat belt”

“In my state, everyone has to wear a seat belt in a car. If you don’t wear a seat belt, the driver will be fined. So every time you drive someone, it’s okay.” I tell

them in advance that I have to wear a seat belt or they won’t be able to get in the car.”

This guy made a mistake that caused the point to be deducted which also caused a lot of controversy among netizens. Currently, the video is still receiving a lot of shares and comments from viewers.