On social networks in recent days, a controversial video has appeared, it is known that the girl in the video was crushed by two men and specifically a person wearing a police uniform, forcing her to follow her him, he grabbed her arm and pulled her away, but the poor girl could only resist.

A big guy will definitely attack this girl no matter how strong she is where . Actually she was resisting but she didn’t fight back, didn’t use enough force.

Not to the point of using it. When he pushed her down, he used appropriate force. When she was curled up on the ground and he was kneeling on top of her, it was an overwhelming force.

He’s actually trained to be able to control adult men as they do this whole “dead play” of these people or get into bad positions for the police to make them move, they are trained to can move people in these positions regardless.

So I don’t understand why he has so much trouble with a small. Girl is not a good reason. The applied force must match the resistance force. Meaning that if she starts hitting him, he will be able to get stronger.

She shouldn’t he shouldn’t raise his voice to hurt her. That look was surprising because today no one tells children to do whatever they want, it’s too late.

I don’t feel bad at all without the real story. But there are also some objections that when caught, he must obey, if hit, he will eventually get revenge.

He just does his job in a limited space, how difficult it is depends on her, you want a mattress and a negotiator? I agree that he needs to work on his knee technique

which is pretty weak and just a pastime for him to get her hand, this must be a good question and when she doesn’t So, he went straight to the box knight’s


She did it wrong and she deserves this just because he is doing it in a different light and in a different way of looking at it.

“looks like she’s being caught and POSITIVEly resists. Just because you don’t punch doesn’t mean you don’t resist.” One netizen said.

“Damn, go to jail. Any police officer who does this to my daughter will be flagged by their family.”