The video re-shared the image on the highway, a young man riding a motorcycle was going on the road and he saw the police car ahead of him without closing the rear door, he approached the driver and knocked on the door to tell the policeman. He then went to the back of the car and closed the back door of the car.
Then both cars continued to drive and at the red light suddenly the police got out and walked over to the motorcyclist to thank him for his help when he discovered the back door of the car being opened and closed it helps.

After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, so many opinions were given in the situation that happened on this highway, Many people were upset at the negligence and carelessness of the police.
Some people’s comments:

“There’s a barrier between the interior and the cargo area. So if it didn’t latch it will pop open after a few blocks. He could have started his shift 12/15 hours ago. Some times ya miss things when you are exhausted and trying to catch up typing while waiting at traffic lights.”
“Then he got a ticket cause the cop knew he would never have the chance of catching him later’
“I would’ve let him drive like that and followed, record him for miles until he caught onto it.’

” OMG.. Mine has popped open like that.. I am sure I probably hit the button shoving my purse around.. I have the keyless start and the fob was in my purse..🤣🤣🤣.. Thankfully my alarm sounded..”
“It’s hard to see the trunk open when your inside because we got the cage back there that blocks the view so it happens from time to time especially when you have a lot of Calls.”

“He possibly had a rifle or a shotgun in the back somewhere, someone could’ve taken it. Probably not likely but still possible, you never know.”
“This officer must have been high. How do you drive around like that and not know? Those rear hatches don’t even have a warning signal for the driver bc it’s obvious when it’s open…. especially on the highway. Hey, I’m human, I’ve left my car running in a parking lot while dining at a restaurant, but THIS?….”
“If he didn’t notice the door was open, then maybe he wouldn’t notice me grabbing myself a free AR15 from the trunk”

Part 2: The police got out of the car and went to do this to the guy