The video re-shares the image in front of the police station, a man is walking in the middle of the yard and observing something around him, he approaches a police car and when no one is there. opened the door of that car, a criminal in handcuffs escaped from the car after the door was opened. Nearby police officers quickly gave chase to recapture the criminal and his companions his offense.

After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, many people said that he was very brave for his friends and family to dare to do these things. dangerous work, if caught by the police, he will probably also be punished for creating conditions for criminals to escape. There are many comments criticizing him because it was a bad act and is tolerating those who make mistakes.

Some people’s comments:

“I hate that snitch 😡shoutout to homie for trying to free ol boy”
“Thats the friend that everyone needs in life. To bad loyalty and respect is gone and snitching is cool.’
“All yall talking about a snitch like some damn middle schoolers. If they don’t want the cuffs stay tf outta trouble. His friend only made the charges worse for him which I find hilarious.”
“Might as well close that door back. Fuckin cops noticed the first guy running and probably assumed it was the guy, before his bro even got out the car. Dart the other way.👀”

“All y’all saying she snitched don’t even know what happened or what he in the car for anyway.”
“I hope she went and got her million dollars in Monopoly money for her service to society. That’s not her job.”
“The girl yelling is bold
You don’t cause drama where you live good luck girl”
“Forget her telling lets talk about buddy dusting them with his arms cuffed behind him.”
“That snitch needs to realise what snitches get”
“Ain’t no way I’m helping somebody escape & getting locked up with u”