The video surprised viewers when there were 2 men standing near a car, one in white negotiating something with the one in black because his hands are now

tied behind his back and can’t do anything is different.

These two men wanted to fight each other like brave men and not tie their hands. When the man in black untied and the two rushed to fight, when the man in

the white shirt just stepped out and started the match, the man in black launched a blow that made the guy in the white shirt unstoppable.

Seeing the guy in the black shirt suddenly hit him, the guy in the white shirt quietly got into the car as if he locked himself inside. This move shows that the guy in

the white shirt has surrendered to the guy in the black shirt and this also makes netizens extremely surprised because the two are equally talented but can’t play

a match not at all.

The video has just been posted but has received a lot of comments from the online community, many saying that if you don’t want to get injured, you should give up on the guy in black because in general you can watch martial arts.

“He’s stupid, not funny”

“He chose the wrong opponent”

“This guy is interesting”