The video is an extremely dramatic and stressful situation that occurs in front of a shopping center, 3 cars follow each other and the interesting and controversial thing is when the red car reverses.

The driver intentionally pressed the gas to hit the car behind. A collision with the black car behind was not enough, he accelerated forward to gain momentum and then stepped on the rear brake to reverse, making the black car unable to exit, leading to an additional collision once again .

The reason why the black car can’t get out quickly is because it’s stuck between the red car and the white car behind, when the red car hits the black car for the second time, while the white car is parked behind, the black car backs up and crashes into the third white car.

Through this situation, the lawyer thinks that only the black car should be compensated, but some netizens’ comments claim that you are not a lawyer, you do not use any legal jargon and you do not use any legal jargon.

I just talked to a friend of the lawyer and asked them to return the car to the car, they will be charged with all charges of the 2nd car d the 3rd car, they all record a video to have proof that the other car does a good job The other car tries to pretend you’re a lawyer with that Sears suit.

There can indeed be a strange situation where the driver of a black car is held civilly liable because they are the one who actually hit the car behind but the red car is criminally liable. to the driver of both cars. The video still received a lot of comments from netizens, including the opinion that:

“Yes, I’ll break some remote windows the second time”