The girl in the video is the character mentioned when stopping at a traffic light on the side of the road, while waiting for the traffic light, she took advantage of taking a nap while waiting.

But because she was too sleepy and waited for a long time, she fell asleep without knowing when, until the other cars disappeared, even though the signal lights had changed many times, she was still asleep without knowing anything.

It was not until a policeman passed by and saw that her car was still in place, not moving, that the policeman approached the car and turned on the flashlight. What problem did you have?

After a while, he decided to knock on the door and then she woke up with a surprised face to see the policeman standing there. Perhaps because she was tired, she wanted to take a nap when she stopped the car, this is called “White sleep” is a temporary sleep state that causes the driver to lose consciousness while driving, potentially causing an accident road traffic.

Falling asleep in the car is obviously very dangerous, but feeling tired while driving can also bring unpredictable consequences. It is estimated that 1 out of every

25 drivers involved in traffic control will fall asleep at the wheel at least once in their lifetime. Viewers were also surprised by this, with some netizens commenting:

” I did this and no alcohol or drugs, just old fashioned burnout from 2 jobs, parenting, didn’t help.”

“I’m praying for you guys every day. So officers need more Guardian Angels!!!”

“It could be a pathology, such a quick judgment!!!”